Reference implementation for open scientometric indicators (ROSI)

  title={Reference implementation for open scientometric indicators (ROSI)},
  author={Christian Hauschke and Simone Cartellieri and Lambert Heller},
  journal={Research Ideas and Outcomes},
Within the project "Reference implementation for Open Scientometric Indicators" (ROSI), new assessments and visualizations of conventional and alternative metrics (altmetrics) will be developed and their effect on researchers will be investigated. For this purpose, a reference implementation based on the open source research information system VIVO will be developed in which various metrics are combined with data from different openly licensed sources. In order to develop the requirements of… 

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3.4 The h-index

The h-index combines a measure of quantity and impact in a single indicator, and should not be confused with the last name of its inventor, Hirsch.

OPTIMETA – Strengthening the Open Access publishing system through open citations and spatiotemporal metadata 

This work will extend Open Journal Systems (OJS) to give it functionalities for collecting and distributing open data by developing two OJS plugins for capturing citation networks and articles' spatial and temporal properties as machine-readable and accessible metadata.

ConfIDent – An Open Platform for FAIR Conference Metadata

The project ConfIDent wants to develop a service platform for the quality-driven, collaborative curation of semantically structured metadata of scientific events that will reach the current desideratum of long-term findable, open, referenceable and reusable metadata on scientific events.

Robustifying Scholia: paving the way for knowledge discovery and research assessment through Wikidata

This project aims to "robustify Scholia" with back-end development and testing based on pilot corpora, to attain stability in challenging cases such as server throttling and handling of large or incomplete datasets.

1.6 International Conferences of Bibliometrics

An analysis to list the most prominent conferences that were announced in the newsletter by ISSI, the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, and an outlook on how conferences might change in future are provided.

Empfehlungen zum Umgang mit szientometrischen Daten und Visualisierungen

The basis for this are user studies with researchers from different disciplines in Germany who were involved in an iterative software development process for the development of a scientometric visualisation in the ROSI project.


The Eigenfactor makes use of the network structure of citations, i.e. citations between journals, and establishes the importance, influence or impact of a journal based on its location in a network of journals.

The role of blogs and news sites in science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic

We present a brief review of literature related to blogs and news sites; our focus is on publications related to COVID-19. We primarily focus on the role of blogs and news sites in disseminating

4 The h-index

  • 2020



The metric tide: report of the independent review of the role of metrics in research assessment and management

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Research Assessment and Management. The review was chaired by Professor James Wilsdon,

Does evaluative scientometrics lose its main focus on scientific quality by the new orientation towards societal impact?

It is outlined that the current revolution in scientometrics does not only imply a broadening of the impact perspective, but also the devaluation of quality considerations in evaluative contexts.

Research data explored: an extended analysis of citations and altmetrics

In this study, we explore the citedness of research data, its distribution over time and its relation to the availability of a digital object identifier (DOI) in the Thomson Reuters database Data

Software citation principles

This document summarizes the recommendations of the FORCE11 Software Citation Working Group and its activities between June 2015 and April 2016, to produce a consolidated set of citation principles that may encourage broad adoption of a consistent policy for software citation across disciplines and venues.

Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics

Zehn Grundsatze um Forschung zu bewerten, drangen Diana Hicks, Paul Wouters und Kollegen einiges zusammen wirkt.

Impactmessung, Transparenz & Open Science

Zielsetzung — Der Beitrag diskutiert, inwiefern es genugt, Open Science, die offene Wissenschaft, auf die rein entgeltfreie Verfugbarkeit von Objekten, z.B. wissenschaftlichen Publikationen im Open

The Impact Factor Game

  • Biology
    PLoS medicine
  • 2006
The PLoS Medicine editors argue that we need a better measure than the impact factor for assessing the biomedical literature.

Research data explored: an extended analysis of citations and altmetrics