Reference gene selection for real-time RT-PCR in regenerating mouse livers.

  title={Reference gene selection for real-time RT-PCR in regenerating mouse livers.},
  author={Kohei Tatsumi and Kazuo Ohashi and Sanae Taminishi and T. Okano and A. Yoshioka and Midori Shima},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={374 1},
The liver has an intrinsic ability to undergo active proliferation and recover functional liver mass in response to an injury response. This regenerative process involves a complex yet well orchestrated change in the gene expression profile. To produce accurate and reliable gene expression of target genes during various stages of liver regeneration, the determination of internal control housekeeping genes (HKGs) those are uniformly expressed is required. In the present study, the gene… CONTINUE READING

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