Reference and proper names : A theory of N-movement in syntax and Logical Form

  title={Reference and proper names : A theory of N-movement in syntax and Logical Form},
  author={Shelia M. Kennison},
PROCESSING AGENTIVE BY-PHRASES IN COMPLEX EVENT AND NONEVENT NOMINALS Shelia M. Kennison University of Oklahoma Crisma, Paola. 1997. L’Articolo nella prosa inglese antica e la teoria degli articoli nulli (The article in Old English prose and the theory of null articles). Doctoral dissertation, Università degli Studi di Padova. Delfitto, Denis, and Jan Schroten. 1991. Bare plurals and the number affix in DP. Probus 3:155–185. Hornstein, Norbert. 1995. Logical Form. Oxford: Blackwell. Kayne… CONTINUE READING
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