Reference Cross Sections for Charged-particle Monitor Reactions

  title={Reference Cross Sections for Charged-particle Monitor Reactions},
  author={Alex Hermanne and Anatolij V. Ignatyuk and R. Capote and B. V. Carlson and Jonathan W. Engle and M. A. Kellett and Tibor Kib{\'e}di and Guinyun Kim and F. G. Kondev and M. Hussain and Ondrej Lebeda and Aurelian Luca and Yasuki Nagai and Haladhara Naik and Alan L. Nichols and Francois M. Nortier and Saraswatula Venkata Suryanarayana and S{\'a}ndor Tak{\'a}cs and Ferenc T{\'a}rk{\'a}nyi and Marco Verpelli},
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Abstract Evaluated cross sections of beam-monitor reactions are expected to become the de-facto standard for cross-section measurements that are performed over a very broad energy range in accelerators in order to produce particular radionuclides for industrial and medical applications. The requirements for such data need to be addressed in a timely manner, and therefore an IAEA coordinated research project was launched in December 2012 to establish or improve the nuclear data required to… Expand
Recommended nuclear data for medical radioisotope production: diagnostic gamma emitters
An extensive series of evaluations have been performed as part of an IAEA coordinated research project to study a set of nuclear reactions that produce the diagnostic gamma-ray emitting radionuclidesExpand
Nuclide production cross sections from irradiation of thorium by 438 MeV protons and a comparison to fluka and geant4 simulations
Thorium targets were irradiated with 438-MeV protons, resulting in spallation and high-energy fission reactions. The measured production cross sections of 38 nuclides in the mass range 83 to 233 areExpand
Evaluation of nuclear reaction cross sections data for the production of 65Zn via proton and deuteron induced reactions on natCu
The natCu(p,x)65Zn and natCu(d,x)65Zn reactions used for beam monitoring have been considered to evaluate. All available experimental cross-section data for natCu(p, x)65Zn and natCu(d, x)65ZnExpand
Cross section measurements for proton induced reactions on natural La
Abstract We report measured cross sections for radionuclides produced via proton irradiation of stacked nat La foils at the Isotope Production Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory. IncidentExpand
Natural nickel as a proton beam energy monitor for energies ranging from 15 to 30 MeV
Abstract The degradation of proton beam energy within a target stack was monitored via product nuclide ratios at the Los Alamos Isotope Production Facility (LANL-IPF). Nuclear reaction channelsExpand
Measurements and uncertainty propagation for the natNi(p,x)61Cu reaction cross section up to the proton energies of 20 MeV
Abstract The natNi( p , x )61Cu reaction cross sections relative to natCu( p , x )62Zn monitor reaction with proton energies up to 20 MeV have been measured using the stack foil activation andExpand
Cross sections of alpha-particle induced reactions on natNi: Production of 67Cu
Abstract The 67Cu is considered as one of the most perspective radio isotopes in targeted radio-immunotherapy medical applications. 67Cu is a β–-emitter with a mean β– energy, which allows treatingExpand
Measurement of activation cross-sections of natDy(p,x) reactions up to 45 MeV
Abstract We activated natDy with a 45-MeV energetic proton beam and studied the production cross-sections of the reaction products 162m,161,159Ho, 159,157,155Dy, and 161,160,156,155Tb. The activationExpand
Activation cross sections of alpha particle-induced reactions on natural hafnium up to 50 MeV
  • S. Takács, M. Aikawa, +4 authors H. Haba
  • Materials Science
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
  • 2019
Abstract As an alternative production route for the medically interesting 178mTa isotope production cross sections of alpha particle induced nuclear reaction of the natHf(α,x)178W–178mTa process wasExpand
Deuteron-induced reactions on manganese at low energies
The scarce data systematics and complexity of deuteron interactions demand the update of both the experimental database and theoretical frame of deuteron activation cross sections. Various reactionsExpand


Evaluated activation cross sections of longer-lived radionuclides produced by deuteron induced reactions on natural titanium
Abstract Charged particle induced reactions can be used to monitor in real time the wear of mechanical structures such as internal combustion engines and turbines. Charged particle induced reactionsExpand
Validation and upgrading of the recommended cross section data of charged particle monitor reactions
An upgrade and validation test of the recommended cross section database for charged particle reactions used for monitoring incident particle beams, published by the IAEA in 2001, is presented. InExpand
Activation cross-sections of deuteron-induced nuclear reactions on natural iron up to 24 MeV
Abstract Activation cross-sections of the natFe(d,x)55,56,57,58g+mCo, 52g,54,56Mn, 51Cr, 59Fe reactions were measured from their respective thresholds to 24 MeV via a stacked foil activationExpand
New cross-sections and intercomparison of deuteron monitor reactions on Al, Ti, Fe, Ni and Cu
Abstract The 27Al(d,x)22,24Na reactions are frequently used to monitor deuteron beams above 20 MeV. To extend possible monitoring energy region toward lower energies, new monitor reactions areExpand
Excitation function for the nuclear process: Evaluation and new measurements for practical applications
Abstract In order to supply accurate databases for different practical purposes such as proton beam energy monitoring, 48 V radioisotope production, nuclear analytical applications and nuclear wearExpand
New cross-sections and intercomparison of proton monitor reactions on Ti, Ni and Cu
Abstract The excitation functions of proton induced reactions on Ti, Ni and Cu were studied using activation method on stacks made of thin metallic foil targets with natural isotopic composition.Expand
Measurement of cross-sections for the (p, xn) reactions in natural molybdenum
Abstract Cross-sections for the residual radionuclide productions by proton-induced activation on natural molybdenum were measured up to 40 MeV by using a stacked-foil technique at the MC50 cyclotronExpand
Activation cross sections of proton induced nuclear reactions on natural hafnium
Abstract In a systematic study of light charged particle induced nuclear reactions we investigated the excitation functions of proton induced reactions on natural hafnium targets. ExperimentalExpand
Cross Sections for (α,n) Reactions for Medium-Weight Nuclei
Thick target ( alpha ,n) neutron yields were measured from threshold to about 11-Mev alpha -particle energy for twenty targets ranging in A from 27 to 120. The targets of nickel, copper, and zincExpand
Experimental study of the cross-sections of α-particle induced reactions on 209Bi
Abstract α- particle-induced nuclear reactions for generation of 211 At used in therapeutic nuclear medicine and possible contaminants were investigated with the stacked foil activation technique onExpand