Reference: CD Antigens 2002.

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@article{Mason2002ReferenceCA, title={Reference: CD Antigens 2002.}, author={David Mason and Pascale Andr{\'e} and Armand Bensussan and Chris A Buckley and Curt I . Civin and Edward G Clark and Masja de Haas and Sanna M. Goyert and Martin R. Hadam and Derek N J Hart and V{\'a}clav Hor̆ejs̆{\'i} and Stefan C.W. Meuer and James H Morrissey and Reinhard Schwartz-Albiez and Stephen Shaw and David S Simmons and Mariagrazia Uguccioni and Ellen C van der Schoot and Eric Vivier and Heddy Zola}, journal={Journal of immunology}, year={2002}, volume={168 5}, pages={2083-6} }