Reexamining the Role of Income Shocks and Ethnic Cleavages on Social Conflict in Africa at the Cell level

  title={Reexamining the Role of Income Shocks and Ethnic Cleavages on Social Conflict in Africa at the Cell level},
  author={Beatriz Manotas-Hidalgo and Fidel Pe{\`I}rez Sebastia{\`I}n and Miguel A{\`I}ngel Campo-Besco{\`I}s},
This paper reexamines the effect of exogenous income shocks and ethnic diversity on social conflict in Africa. Unlike previous literature, we jointly consider geolocalized information on three types of shocks (agricultural, mineral, and oil and gas price changes) and four measures of ethnic diversity (fragmentation, polarization, and both monopoly and excluded power of polity groups). With this approach, we can give a more complete vision of the determinants of violence. We find that the impact… 



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