Reexamining Femicide: Breaking the Silence and Crossing “Scientific” Borders

  title={Reexamining Femicide: Breaking the Silence and Crossing “Scientific” Borders},
  author={Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={581 - 608}
Femicide is cloaked in silence and has rarely been investigated. This article aims to break the silence by reexamining the definition of the crime. The current definition which deals only with the actual killing of the victim is quite narrow indicating that the phenomenon is still misunderstood. I will suggest how this definition can be expanded contextually grounded and improved. The current definition adequately describes the crime of killing a woman but it fails to cover the arduous process… 
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  • S. Haj
  • Political Science
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1992
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WOMEN AND SEXUALITY IN MUSLIM SOCIETIES Pinar Ilkkaracan, ed. New York: Women for Human Rights (WWHR), 2000; 455 pp. A discussion of women's sexuality in Muslim societies begs for compliance with an