Reevaluating canine perspective-taking behavior

  title={Reevaluating canine perspective-taking behavior},
  author={M. Udell and C. Wynne},
  journal={Learning & Behavior},
  • M. Udell, C. Wynne
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Learning & Behavior
  • Udell, Dorey, and Wynne (2011) demonstrated that both domesticated and nondomesticated canids—specifically, gray wolves—have the capacity to succeed on perspective-taking tasks, suggesting that dogs’ ability to respond to the human attentional state is not a by-product of domestication alone. Furthermore, not all dogs were successful on the task. Instead, the occluder type used was a strong predictor of performance, indicating the important role of environment and experience for tasks of this… CONTINUE READING
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