Reentrant tensegrity: A three-periodic, chiral, tensegrity structure that is auxetic

  title={Reentrant tensegrity: A three-periodic, chiral, tensegrity structure that is auxetic},
  author={Mathias Oster and Marcelo A. Dias and Timo de Wolff and Myfanwy E. Evans},
  journal={Science Advances},
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Geometric Predictors of Knotted and Linked Arcs

Inspired by how certain proteins “sense” knots and entanglements in DNA molecules, here, we ask if local geometric features that may be used as a readout of the underlying topology of generic



“A and B”:

Direct fabrication of large micropatterned single crystals. p1205 21 Feb 2003. (news): Academy plucks best biophysicists from a sea of mediocrity. p994 14 Feb 2003.

An isotropic three-dimensional structure with Poisson's ratio =−1

Etude d'une structure de barre, charniere et ressort, isotrope dans ses proprietes elastiques macroscopiques mais anisotrope dans les details microscopiques de sa structure

Geometric auxetics

This work proposes new principles of auxetic design and relies on the stronger notion of expansive behaviour to provide an infinite supply of planar auxetic mechanisms and several new three-dimensional structures.

Regular Polyhedra Helices

The concept of a regular polyhedra helix is defined and the full set of such moieties are analysed. It is found that apart from trivial cases, eight distinct RPH exist. Regulare

Body-centred cubic cylinder packing and the garnet structure

ANALYSIS of the symmetry of periodic packings of identical (circular) cylinders has been found to be useful in analysis of crystal structures. To provide a description of a crystal structure, the

Catastrophe in Elastic Tensegrity Frameworks

We discuss elastic tensegrity frameworks made from rigid bars and elastic cables, depending on many parameters. For any fixed parameter values, the stable equilibrium position of the framework is

A systematic approach to identify cellular auxetic materials

Auxetics are materials showing a negative Poisson’s ratio. This characteristic leads to unusual mechanical properties that make this an interesting class of materials. So far no systematic approach

Rectilinear rods of face-sharing tetrahedra and the structure of β-Mn

A rectilinear rod of regulär tetrahedra, each of which shares two faces with neighbouring tetrahedra, has rotational but not translational symmetry. Small distortions of the tetrahedra allow a

GloptiPoly 3: moments, optimization and semidefinite programming

A major update of the Matlab freeware GloptiPoly for parsing generalized problems of moments and solving them numerically with semidefinite programming is described.

From three-dimensional weavings to swollen corneocytes

It is proposed that the G129 weaving (ideal Σ+ weaving) is formed by keratin fibres in the outermost layer of mammalian skin, probably templated by a folded membrane, and allows an unprecedented variation of packing density without loss of structural rigidity.