Reentrant spin glass behavior in Cr-doped perovskite manganite.

  title={Reentrant spin glass behavior in Cr-doped perovskite manganite.},
  author={Joonghoe Dho and W S Kim and Nam Hwi Hur},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={89 2},
The magnetic and transport properties of the Cr-doped manganites La(0.46)Sr(0.54)Mn(1-y)Cr(y)O3 ( 0 < or = y < or = 0.08) with the A-type antiferromagnetic structure were investigated. Upon cooling, we find multiple magnetic phase transitions, i.e., paramagnetic, ferromagnetic (FM), antiferromagnetic (AFM), and spin glass in the y = 0.02 sample. The low temperature spin glass state is not a conventional spin glass with randomly oriented magnetic moments but has a reentrant character. The… CONTINUE READING