Reenlargement of macroprolactinomas during bromocriptine treatment: report of two cases.


We report two cases with macroprolactinoma who during medical treatment with bromocriptine showed a normalization of PRL levels and a reduction of tumor size as documented by computed tomography. After a few months of therapy both patients suddenly complained of worsening of their visual fields and a computed tomography demonstrated a reenlargement of the tumor mass; whereas in one patient PRL levels remained always within normal range, in the other patient, who was taking spiramycin for an intercurrent illness, there was also an escape of the hormonal secretion from the inhibitory effect of bromocriptine. The first patient underwent surgery, whereas in the second patient continuation of bromocriptine and interruption of antibiotic treatment resulted in progressive improvement in visual fields and a reduction of tumor size again. We want to stress that in patients with macroprolactinomas responsive to the medical treatment both in terms of PRL secretion and of tumor size reduction, an escape from the effects of bromocriptine, although infrequently, may occur.


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