Reductive stress after exercise: The issue of redox individuality

  title={Reductive stress after exercise: The issue of redox individuality},
  author={N V Margaritelis and Antonios Kyparos and Vassilis Paschalis and A. A. Theodorou and George Panayiotou and Andreas S Zafeiridis and Konstantina Dipla and Michalis G. Nikolaidis and I S Vrabas},
  booktitle={Redox biology},
Exercise has been consistently used as an oxidant stimulus in redox biology studies. However, previous studies have focused on group differences and did not examine individual differences. As a result, it remains untested whether all individuals experience oxidative stress after acute exercise. Therefore, the main aim of the present study was to investigate whether some individuals exhibit unexpected responses after an acute eccentric (i.e., muscle-damaging) exercise session. Ninety eight (N… CONTINUE READING