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Reductive quotients of klt singularities

  title={Reductive quotients of klt singularities},
  author={Lukas Braun and Daniel Greb and Kevin Langlois and Joaqu'in Moraga},
We prove that the quotient of a klt type singularity by a reductive group is of klt type. In particular, given a klt variety X endowed with the action of a reductive group G and admitting a quasiprojective good quotient X Ñ X{{G, we can find a boundary B on X{{G so that the pair pX{{G,Bq is klt. This applies for example to GIT-quotients of klt varieties. Our main result has consequences for complex spaces obtained as quotients of Hamiltonian Kähler G-manifolds, for collapsings of homogeneous… 

Reductive covers of klt varieties

. In this article, we study G -covers of klt varieties, where G is a reductive group. First, we exhibit an example of a klt singularity admitting a P GL n p K q -cover that is not of klt type. Then,

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Kollär's conjecture, that log canonical singularities areDuBois, is proved in the case of Cohen^Macaulay 3-folds. This in turn is used to derive Kodaira vanishing for this class of varieties. Finally