Reductive amination of carbohydrates using NaBH(OAc)3.


An improved protocol for reductive amination of carbohydrates is developed. This derivatization facilitates the detection of oligosaccharides in HPLC-UV and mass spectrometric applications by enhancing the signal of the carbohydrates. In this study, reductive amination was achieved using NaBH(OAc)3. This reducing agent is an attractive alternative to the… (More)


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@article{Dalpathado2005ReductiveAO, title={Reductive amination of carbohydrates using NaBH(OAc)3.}, author={Dilusha S Dalpathado and Hui Jiang and Marcus A Kater and Heather Desaire}, journal={Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry}, year={2005}, volume={381 6}, pages={1130-7} }