Reduction of signal fluctuation in functional MRI using navigator echoes.


Functional magnetic resonance imaging is sensitive to signal fluctuations due to physiological motion and system instability. In this paper, motion-related signal fluctuations are studied, and a method that uses navigator echoes to monitor and compensate for signal fluctuations in a gradient-echo sequence is described. The technique acquires a "navigator" signal before the application of the phase-encoding and readout gradients and corrects the phase of the subsequently acquired imaging data. This technique was implemented on a 4 Tesla whole body system and validated on normal volunteers. With this technique, temporal fluctuations in image intensity were substantially reduced and improved functional activation maps were obtained.

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@article{Hu1994ReductionOS, title={Reduction of signal fluctuation in functional MRI using navigator echoes.}, author={X Hu and Sang G. Kim}, journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine}, year={1994}, volume={31 5}, pages={495-503} }