Reduction of points in the group of components of the Néron model of a jacobian Dino Lorenzini March

  title={Reduction of points in the group of components of the N{\'e}ron model of a jacobian Dino Lorenzini March},
  author={Dino Lorenzini},
  • Dino Lorenzini
  • Published 1990
Let K be a complete field with a discrete valuation. Let OK denote the ring of integers of K, with maximal ideal (t). Let k be the residue field of OK , assumed to be algebraically closed of characteristic p ≥ 0. We shall call a curve in this article a smooth proper geometrically connected variety X/K of dimension 1. Let A/K denote the jacobian of X/K. Let P and Q be two K-rational points of X. The divisor of degree zero P − Q defines a K-rational point of A/K. In this article, we study the… CONTINUE READING
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