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Reduction of Hand Bacteria : A Comparative Study among Common Antiseptics

  title={Reduction of Hand Bacteria : A Comparative Study among Common Antiseptics},
  author={Elizabeth A. Syverson},
The efficiency of common household hand sanitizers containing several antiseptics was assessed in this experiment. Two different hand washing protocols were tested: antiseptic hand gels that do not require the use of water and antiseptic hand soaps that require the use of water. Antiseptic gels investigated included Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer, Purell Hand Sanitizer, and Wet Ones Hand Sanitizer. Antiseptic soaps included Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap, Dial Complete Foaming Handwash… 

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There was no significant difference in hand disinfection potential among hand sanitizer, liquid soap, or their combination, and all the three interventions were equally effective with the reduction of total bacterial contamination from participants’ hands.
Preliminary assessment of the suitability of commonly used antiseptics in the elimination of bacteria in bathing water
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There is no necessary to change the indications for antiseptics or disinfectants in ICUs, except if aztreonam resistance is high, in which case it is better to use greater concentration than 1% of Chlorhexidine.


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