Reduction noise in noncontact physical system

  title={Reduction noise in noncontact physical system},
  author={Ali Idham Alzaidi and Baqer Turki Atya and Nabil Jalil Aklo and Nuvara Gupta and Tariq Alshagran},
  journal={2015 Long Island Systems, Applications and Technology},
Physical body signals such as (ECG, EEG) usually interference with high frequency noises, like powerline interference, electromyography (EMG) noise, and equipment's with high vibration which cause wrong reading or effect on our final benefit from [1-2]. One of the most effect method to cancel and reduce all contaminate noise by using adaptive filters which requires an external reference to estimate the noise and, in turn, subtracting it from the noisy ECG or ECEG. However, this is often… CONTINUE READING