Reduction criterion of separability and limits for a class of distillation protocols

  title={Reduction criterion of separability and limits for a class of distillation protocols},
  author={Michal Horodecki and Paweł Horodecki},
  journal={Physical Review A},

Quantum Information Theory and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

This thesis is a contribution to the debate on the implications of quantum information theory for the foundations of quantum mechanics. In Part 1, the logical and conceptual status of various notions

Inevitability of knowing less than nothing

It is proved that all plausible quantum conditional entropies take on negative values for certain entangled states, so that it is inevitable that one can know less than nothing in the quantum world.

Gaussian continuous-variable isotropic state

Inspired by the definition of the non-Gaussian two-parametric continuous variable analogue of an isotropic state introduced by Mǐsta et al. [Phys. Rev. A, 65, 062315 (2002)], we propose to take the

Activating hidden teleportation power: Theory and experiment

Ideal quantum teleportation transfers an unknown quantum state intact from one party Alice to the other Bob via the use of a maximally entangled state and the communication of classical information.

Diagonal unitary and orthogonal symmetries in quantum theory: II. Evolution operators

We study bipartite unitary operators which stay invariant under the local actions of diagonal unitary and orthogonal groups. We investigate structural properties of these operators, arguing that the

Study on Entanglement and its Utility in Information Processing.

It has been shown how the honest party, by using quantum cloning machine, can prevent the dishonest party from communicating the secret message to his accomplices by applying the cloning scheme and the cloning parameters of the cloning machine.

Non-classical correlations in quantum mechanics and beyond /

Aquesta tesis parteix d'una pregunta aparentment ingenua: Que passa si es separen dos sistemes fisics que estaven en contacte? Un dels descobriments mes rellevants del segle passat es que els

Conical Designs and Categorical Jordan Algebraic Post-Quantum Theories

Physical theories can be characterized in terms of their state spaces and their evolutive equations. The kinematical structure and the dynamical structure of finite dimensional quantum theory are, in

Multipartite entanglement indicators based on monogamy relations of n-qubit symmetric states

This work investigates the k-partite entanglement indicators related to the αth power ofEntanglement of formation (αEoF) for k ≤ n, αϵ and n-qubit symmetric states and shows that the indicator based on αEeoF is a monotonically increasing function of k and the indicatorbased on 2 EeF works better when n is small enough.

Positivity of linear maps under tensor powers

We investigate linear maps between matrix algebras that remain positive under tensor powers, i.e., under tensoring with n copies of themselves. Completely positive and completely co-positive maps are