Reducing the effect of variable starch levels in biomass recalcitrance screening.

  title={Reducing the effect of variable starch levels in biomass recalcitrance screening.},
  author={Stephen R Decker and Melissa Carlile and Michael Joseph Selig and Crissa Doeppke and Mark Davis and Robert Sykes and Geoffrey Turner and Angela L. Ziebell},
  journal={Methods in molecular biology},
Cell wall recalcitrance is the largest contributor to the high expense of lignocellulose conversion to biofuels (Himmel ME et al., Science 315:804-807, 2007). In response to this problem, researchers at the BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) are working to determine the contributing factors of biomass recalcitrance. The primary approach to this is screening large sample sets of genetic and environmental variants of model and feedstock plant species for differences in recalcitrance to combined… CONTINUE READING
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