Reducing the Late Sodium Current Improves Cardiac Function during Sodium Pump Inhibition by Ouabain

  title={Reducing the Late Sodium Current Improves Cardiac Function during Sodium Pump Inhibition by Ouabain},
  author={Kirsten Hoyer and Y. Song and D. Wang and D. Phan and J. Balschi and J. Ingwall and L. Belardinelli and J. Shryock},
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Inhibition by cardiac glycosides of Na+, K+-ATPase reduces sodium efflux from myocytes and may lead to Na+ and Ca2+ overload and detrimental effects on mechanical function, energy metabolism, and electrical activity. We hypothesized that inhibition of sodium persistent inward current (late INa) would reduce ouabain's effect to cause cellular Na+ loading and its detrimental metabolic (decrease of ATP) and functional (arrhythmias, contracture) effects. Therefore, we determined effects of ouabain… Expand
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