Reducing poverty and upholding human rights: A pragmatic approach

  title={Reducing poverty and upholding human rights: A pragmatic approach},
  author={Meena Poudel and Ines A. Smyth},
  journal={Gender \& Development},
  pages={80 - 86}
Trafficking in women is increasing in many countries around the world. This global problem is now well recognised by policy makers and aid agencies committed to poverty reduction in all its forms. This paper considers how Oxfam GB perceives the problem of trafficking of women in the context of its approach to poverty. It illustrates this position through a case study of a young woman whose human rights were violated through the process of trafficking, and provides examples of projects and… 

Human Trafficking: Globalization, Exploitation, and Transnational Sociology

In the last decade, human trafficking has emerged as a new area of research for sociologists and other scholars across a wide range of fields. Globalization has exacerbated the illicit trade of

Sexual trafficking in Nepal: constructing citizenship and livelihoods

Sexual trafficking is a priority issue for many governments and has increasingly become a focus for debate within the academy. Despite this, many aspects of sexual trafficking remain poorly

Protection of Borders or Protection of Women?Recently arrived immigrant women in the UK, violence and immigration policies

The research explores female immigrants’ experiences of violence and exploitation in the UK. In doing so the focus is on three ‘groups’ of recently arrived immigrant women: spouses experiencing

Sex trafficking, victimisation and agency: The experiences of migrant women in Malaysia

Malaysia has criminalised sex work. However, its geographic location, porous borders and proximity to major trade and traffic routes have ensured a growth in sex trafficking activities. As a result,

Child trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation: a review of promising prevention policies and programs.

  • Y. Rafferty
  • Political Science
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 2013
Promising policies and programs designed to prevent child trafficking and CSE by combating demand for sex with children, reducing supply, and strengthening communities are highlighted.

“You Can Find Anything You Want”: A Critical Reflection on Research on Trafficking in Persons within and into Europe

The title of this paper -- a direct quote from an economically successful Turkish male prostitute user -- encapsulates attitudes underpinning the treatment of human beings as commodities. Yet at the

Women in Street Prostitution: The Result of Poverty and the Brunt of Inequity

ABSTRACT Street prostitution is intrinsically related to poverty. Female prostitutes, in disproportionate numbers, are known to be ethnic minorities who are impoverished, uneducated and possess few

Mobility Matters: Tamang Women's Gendered Experiences of Work, Labour Migration and Anti-Trafficking Discourses in Nepal

Richard and Sophia Hungerford Graduate Scholarship and the Richard and Sophia Hungerford Research Travel Grant



Achieving M aximum Impact: Oxfam's Strategy for Overcoming Poverty

  • Oxfam GB Oxfam GB
  • 1992