Reducing lateral skin flap numbness after total knee arthroplasty.

  title={Reducing lateral skin flap numbness after total knee arthroplasty.},
  author={B P Hopton and M C Tommichan and Frank R Howell},
  journal={The Knee},
  volume={11 4},
One hundred and thirteen knees were assessed for lateral skin flap numbness, 5-227 weeks following IB2 total knee arthroplasty. The final 53 had the numb area measured. To define the anatomy of the cutaneous nerves we dissected four cadaveric knees. Eighty-six percent of patients had a numb area on objective assessment but only 60% had subjective numbness, 62% of which had improved. Patients had a larger numb area if they were aware of a numb patch, had a scar over 22 cm long or were less than… CONTINUE READING