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Reducing Material Wastes in Building Construction Sites: An Action for Sustainable Development

  title={Reducing Material Wastes in Building Construction Sites: An Action for Sustainable Development},
  author={Lilian O Nwachukwu and Solomon Orji and E. O. Agu and Cletus Owoh},
  journal={Civil and environmental research},
Construction material waste has both environmental and cost performance consequences. In this period of global economic recession and environmental awareness, it has become necessary to adopt effective waste reduction strategies in order to reduce the cost of construction projects as well as produce environmental friendly projects. The aim of the study is to identify the effective waste reduction methods in building construction sites so that developers and construction professionals can key… 

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  • E. Widener
  • Environmental Science, Engineering
    Proceedings Frontiers in Education Twenty-First Annual Conference. Engineering Education in a New World Order
  • 1991
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