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Reducing Gun Violence: The Boston Gun Project's Operation Ceasefire

  title={Reducing Gun Violence: The Boston Gun Project's Operation Ceasefire},
  author={Anthony A. Braga and Anne Morrison Piehl and David Michael Kennedy},

Practitioner perceptions of the transportability of Operation Ceasefire to youth in gangs in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia

Gang violence, now more than ever, is fresh in the minds of British Columbians, politicians, and law enforcement entities. The coming years will see new policies and programs implemented with the aim


Interpersonal violence in a deprived Scottish urban area with aggregations of physical health risks and psychiatric morbidity: an ecological study

Ecological investigation of violence and its associations with health conditions in areas of contrasting socioeconomic deprivation requires future investigations into how multiple co-existing risk factors produce multimorbidity, including psychiatric disorders, substance misuse, poor physical health and violence.

Crime and Networks: 10 Policy Lessons

Social network analysis can help us understand more about the root causes of delinquent behavior and crime and provide practical guidance for the design of crime prevention policies. To illustrate

Community policing in England, Wales, and European Union: Past, present and future

Community policing philosophy has become an attractive field within the policing literature, exercised enthusiastically by police forces across England and Wales as a response to police and crime

Channeling Police Discretion: The Hidden Potential of Focused Deterrence

The breadth of the criminal law and the unfettered discretion it creates are among the most significant challenges facing American criminal justice today. These twin problems have a particularly

Reducing Homicide through a “Lever‐Pulling” Strategy

The decade of the 1990s witnessed unexpected but welcome large declines in homicide and serious firearms violence. Yet, despite these declines, rates of firearms crime in the United States remain


Research Summary: Police officials across the United States often claimed credit for crime reductions during the 1990s. In this article, we examine homicide trends in three cities that mounted widely

Adult and Youth Involvement in Gun-Related Crime: Implications for Gun Violence Prevention Interventions

The purpose of this study is to assess whether distinct targeted violence prevention programs are needed to address gun violence based on offender age. Police incident reports were used to analyze