Reducing Fat Globules Particle-Size in Goat Milk: Ultrasound and High Hydrostatic Pressures Approach

  title={Reducing Fat Globules Particle-Size in Goat Milk: Ultrasound and High Hydrostatic Pressures Approach},
  author={Sven Karlovi{\'c} and Tomislav Bosiljkov and Mladen Brn{\vc}i{\'c} and Damir Semenski and Filip Dujmi{\'c} and Branko Tripalo and Damir Je{\vz}ek},
  journal={Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly},
Innovative and eco-friendly food technologies in practical usage today like Ultrasound (US) and High Hydrostatic Pressures (HHP) are feasible to adequately maintain various food properties while processed, such as texture, sensorial and organoleptic characteristics, and microbiological issues as well. Benchmarked attribute of the mentioned approach lies in the ability of US and HHP to control and withhold both temperature and treatment duration. While temperature could be controlled within room… 
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Novel Approach to the Development of Functional Goat's Milk-Based Beverages Using Medicinal Plant Extracts in Combination with High Intensity Ultrasound Treatment.
In the present study nutritively valuable beverages were produced by enrichment of goat's milk with medicinal plant extracts derived from the Lamiaceae family and stabilized by homogenization with high intensity ultrasound treatment, which exhibited significantly improved sensory properties in comparison to plain Goat's milk.


High pressure homogenisation of raw whole bovine milk (a) effects on fat globule size and other properties.
Fat globule size decreased as HPH pressure increased and, under certain conditions of temperature and pressure, HPH yielded significantly smaller fat globules than conventional homogenisation.
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Interest in high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) applications on milk and dairy products has recently increased as HHP offers a new technology for food preservation to the food industry. Although
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The structure of fat globules in whole milk was studied after heat and thermosonication treatments to observe what happens during these processes at the microscopic level using scanning electron microscopy, showing that the surface of the fat globule was completely roughened after thermos onication.
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Ultrasound process parameters had infl uence on the temperature increase as result of wave propagation throughout medium. Cavitation as the most accepted mechanism is based on the implosion of
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Investigating the impact of high power ultrasound pre-treatment on drying rate and textural properties of the infra red dried apple slices showed that hardness of samples gradually increases with increase of ultrasound intensity, and hardness of untreated apple slices was significantly lower.
Lipid oxidation volatiles absent in milk after selected ultrasound processing.