Corpus ID: 195820609

Reducing Exploration of Dying Arms in Mortal Bandits

  title={Reducing Exploration of Dying Arms in Mortal Bandits},
  author={Stefano Trac{\`a} and Cynthia Rudin and Wei-yu Yan},
  • Stefano Tracà, Cynthia Rudin, Wei-yu Yan
  • Published in UAI 2019
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Mortal bandits have proven to be extremely useful for providing news article recommendations, running automated online advertising campaigns, and for other applications where the set of available options changes over time. Previous work on this problem showed how to regulate exploration of new arms when they have recently appeared, but they do not adapt when the arms are about to disappear. Since in most applications we can determine either exactly or approximately when arms will disappear, we… CONTINUE READING

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