Reduced recombination and paternal age effect in Klinefelter syndrome

  title={Reduced recombination and paternal age effect in Klinefelter syndrome},
  author={Isabel Lorda-S{\'a}nchez and Franz Binkert and Marco Maechler and Wendy P. Robinson and Albert A G L Schinzel},
  journal={Human Genetics},
The parental origin of the additional sex chromosome was studied in 47 cases with an XXY sex chromosome consitution. In 23 cases (49%), the error occurred during the first paternal meiotic division. Maternal origin of the additional chromosome was found in the remaining 24 cases (51%). Centromeric homo- versus heterozygosity could be determined in 18 out of the 24 maternally derived cases. According to the centromeric status and recombination rate, the nondisjunction was attributable in 9 cases… CONTINUE READING
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