Reduced-order fault estimation observer design for discrete-time systems


This paper addresses the fault estimation problem for discrete-time dynamic systems. First, using a specific system decomposition, we propose a new reduced-order fault estimation observer (RFEO) with multiconstrained idea. A detailed discussion of the RFEO is given. Then, with the help of the slack-variable technique, fault estimation performances are further enhanced to reduce the conservatism generated by the direct design method. Simulation results of a discrete-time aircraft application are presented to illustrate our contributions.

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@article{Zhang2012ReducedorderFE, title={Reduced-order fault estimation observer design for discrete-time systems}, author={Ke Zhang and Bin Jiang and Peng Shi and Alexey Ye. Shumsky}, journal={Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation}, year={2012}, pages={2959-2964} }