Reduced hypercapnic vasoreactivity in moyamoya disease.

  title={Reduced hypercapnic vasoreactivity in moyamoya disease.},
  author={Thomas K. Tatemichi and Isak Prohovnik and Jay P. Mohr and James W. Correll and Donald O. Quest and Lisa Jarvis},
  volume={38 10},
We measured cerebral perfusion at rest and in response to CO2 in eight patients with moyamoya disease (MMD), using the 133xenon inhalation method to determine the effect of large-vessel occlusive disease on vasoreactivity. We studied three other groups for comparison, including four with bilateral internal carotid artery occlusions (BICAO), 11 with unilateral carotid occlusion (UICAO), and six with unilateral middle cerebral artery stem occlusion (UMCAO). Resting flows appeared to correlate… CONTINUE READING