Reduced emotion processing efficiency in healthy males relative to females.

  title={Reduced emotion processing efficiency in healthy males relative to females.},
  author={Sara L. Weisenbach and Lisa J. Rapport and Emily M. Brice{\~n}o and Brennan D Haase and Aaron C Vederman and Linas A. Bieliauskas and Robert C. Welsh and Monica N. Starkman and Melvin G. McInnis and Jon-Kar Zubieta and Scott A Langenecker},
  journal={Social cognitive and affective neuroscience},
  volume={9 3},
This study examined sex differences in categorization of facial emotions and activation of brain regions supportive of those classifications. In Experiment 1, performance on the Facial Emotion Perception Test (FEPT) was examined among 75 healthy females and 63 healthy males. Females were more accurate in the categorization of fearful expressions relative to males. In Experiment 2, 3T functional magnetic resonance imaging data were acquired for a separate sample of 21 healthy females and 17… CONTINUE READING
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