Redshift distributions of galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification shear catalogue and implications for weak lensing

  title={Redshift distributions of galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification shear catalogue and implications for weak lensing},
  author={C. Bonnett and M. Troxel and W. Hartley and A. Amara and B. Leistedt and M. Becker and G. Bernstein and S. Bridle and C. Bruderer and M. Busha and M. Kind and M. Childress and F. Castander and C. Chang and M. Crocce and T. Davis and T. Eifler and J. Frieman and C. Gangkofner and E. Gazta{\~n}aga and K. Glazebrook and D. Gruen and T. Kacprzak and A. King and J. Kwan and O. Lahav and G. Lewis and C. Lidman and H. Lin and N. MacCrann and R. Miquel and C. O'Neill and A. Palmese and H. Peiris and A. R'efr'egier and E. Rozo and E. Rykoff and I. Sadeh and C. S'anchez and E.Sheldon and S. Uddin and R. Wechsler and J. Zuntz and T. Abbott and F. Abdalla and S. Allam and R. Armstrong and M. Banerji and A. Bauer and A.Benoit-L'evy and E. Bertin and D. Brooks and E. Buckley-Geer and D. Burke and D. Capozzi and A. C. Rosell and J. Carretero and C. E. Cunha and C. Dandrea and L. Costa and D. Depoy and S. Desai and H. T. Diehl and J. P. Dietrich and P. Doel and A. F. Neto and E. Fernandez and B. Flaugher and P. Fosalba and D. Gerdes and R. A. Gruendl and K. Honscheid and B. Jain and D. James and M. Jarvis and A. Kim and K. Kuehn and N. Kuropatkin and T. Li and M. Lima and M. Maia and M. March and J. Marshall and P. Martini and P. Melchior and C. Miller and E. Neilsen and R. Nichol and B. Nord and R. Ogando and A. Plazas and K. Reil and A. Romer and A. Roodman and M. Sako and E. S{\'a}nchez and B. Santiago and R. Smith and M. Soares-santos and F. Sobreira and E. Suchyta and M. Swanson and G. Tarl'e and J. Thaler and D. Thomas and V. Vikram and A. Walker},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • C. Bonnett, M. Troxel, +104 authors A. Walker
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • We present photometric redshift estimates for galaxies used in the weak lensing analysis of the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification (DES SV) data. Four model-or machine learning-based photometric redshift methods-ANNZ2, BPZ calibrated against BCC-Ufig simulations, SKYNET, and TPZ-are analyzed. For training, calibration, and testing of these methods, we construct a catalogue of spectroscopically confirmed galaxies matched against DES SV data. The performance of the methods is evaluated… CONTINUE READING
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