Redressing the balance: Lived experiences of the harms of visually mediated transgender identity

  title={Redressing the balance: Lived experiences of the harms of visually mediated transgender identity},
  author={Katie McBride},
  journal={International Review of Victimology},
  pages={163 - 180}
  • Katie McBride
  • Published 1 May 2020
  • Sociology
  • International Review of Victimology
Trans* identities have a history of being constructed, regulated and erased. Often a trans* individual’s social status is judged by others on the basis of their perception of that individual’s achievement of normative standards of gender. We are living through a time characterized by the prioritization of visual identity alongside intense scrutiny of trans* identities in relation to their authenticity and right to recognition. Research should support a reorientation of scrutiny towards these… 

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Related publication: McBride, K. (2019) ‘Redressing the balance: Lived experiences of the harms of visually mediated transgender identity’. International Review of Victimology 1–17. doi:



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