Redox state of glutathione in human plasma.

  title={Redox state of glutathione in human plasma.},
  author={D. H. P. Jones and Joanne L Carlson and Vino C. Mody and Jiyang Cai and Michael J. Lynn and Paul Sternberg},
  journal={Free radical biology & medicine},
  volume={28 4},
Thiol and disulfide forms of glutathione (GSH) and cysteine (Cys) were measured in plasma from 24 healthy individuals aged 25-35 and redox potential values (E(h)) for thiol/disulfide couples were calculated using the Nernst equation. Although the concentration of GSH (2.8 +/- 0.9 microM) was much greater than that of GSSG (0.14 +/- 0.04 microM), the redox potential of the GSSG/2GSH pool (-137 +/- 9 mV) was considerably more oxidized than values for tissues and cultured cells (-185 to -258 mV… CONTINUE READING

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