Redox regulation of human thioredoxin network.

  title={Redox regulation of human thioredoxin network.},
  author={Norihiko Kondo and H. Richard Nakamura and Hiroshi Masutani and Junji Yodoi},
  journal={Antioxidants & redox signaling},
  volume={8 9-10},
Oxidative stresses are largely mediated by intracellular protein oxidations by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Host cells are equipped with antioxidants that scavenge ROS. The cellular reduction/oxidation (redox) balance is maintained by ROS and antioxidants. Accumulating evidence suggests that the redox balance plays an important role in cellular signaling through the redox modification of cysteine residues in various important components of the signal transduction pathway. Thioredoxin (TRX) is… CONTINUE READING

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