Redox-dependent dynamics in cytochrome P450cam.

  title={Redox-dependent dynamics in cytochrome P450cam.},
  author={Susan Sondej Pochapsky and Marina Dang and Bo OuYang and Alana K. Simorellis and Thomas C Pochapsky},
  volume={48 20},
Local protein backbone dynamics of the camphor hydroxylase cytochrome P450(cam) (CYP101) depend upon the oxidation and ligation state of the heme iron. (1)H-(15)N correlation nuclear magnetic resonance experiments were used to compare backbone dynamics of oxidized and reduced forms of this 414-residue metalloenzyme via hydrogen-deuterium exchange kinetics (H-D exchange) and (15)N relaxation measurements, and these results are compared with previously published results obtained by H-D exchange… CONTINUE READING