Redox control of iron regulatory protein 2 stability.

  title={Redox control of iron regulatory protein 2 stability.},
  author={Anja Hausmann and Julie M. Lee and Kostas Pantopoulos},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={585 4},
Iron regulatory protein 2 (IRP2) is a critical switch for cellular and systemic iron homeostasis. In iron-deficient or hypoxic cells, IRP2 binds to mRNAs containing iron responsive elements (IREs) and regulates their expression. Iron promotes proteasomal degradation of IRP2 via the F-box protein FBXL5. Here, we explored the effects of oxygen and cellular redox status on IRP2 stability. We show that iron-dependent decay of tetracycline-inducible IRP2 proceeds efficiently under mild hypoxic… CONTINUE READING


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