Redox Transfer across the Inner Chloroplast Envelope Membrane.

  title={Redox Transfer across the Inner Chloroplast Envelope Membrane.},
  author={Dieter Heineke and Burgi Riens and Harald Grosse and P. Hoferichter and U. S. A. Linton Freeman Harriet Friedmann Gerald Gold Peter and Ulf Ingo Fl{\"u}gge and Hans Walter Heldt},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={95 4},
In leaves of spinach plants (Spinacia oleracea L.) grown in ambient CO(2) the subcellular contents of adenylates, pyridine nucleotides, 3-phosphoglycerate, dihydroxyacetone phosphate, malate, glutamate, 2-oxoglutarate, and aspartate were assayed in the light and in the dark by nonaqueous fractionation technique. From the concentrations of NADP and NADPH determined in the chloroplast fraction of illuminated leaves the stromal NADPH to NADP ratio is calculated to be 0.5. For the cytosol a NADH to… CONTINUE READING
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