Redox Regulation of Pka Signaling : Kinase versus Phosphatase Inactivation

  title={Redox Regulation of Pka Signaling : Kinase versus Phosphatase Inactivation},
  author={Kenneth M Humphries and Juniper K. Pennypacker and Susan S. Taylor},
Many components of cellular signaling pathways are sensitive to regulation by oxidation and reduction. Previously, we described the inactivation of cAMP dependent protein kinase (PKA) by direct oxidation of a reactive cysteine in the activation loop of the kinase. In the present study, we demonstrate that in Hela cells PKA activity follows a biphasic response to thiol oxidation. Under mild oxidizing conditions, or short exposure to oxidants, forskolin stimulated PKA activity is enhanced. This… CONTINUE READING


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Bioorg Med Chem 5, 1739-1750 at B om eical Lirary

J. E. Sheppeck, 2nd, C. M. Gauss, A. R. Chamberlin
U C S D on July 11, • 1997

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