Redox‐Reversible Iron Orthovanadate Cathode for Solid Oxide Steam Electrolyzer

  title={Redox‐Reversible Iron Orthovanadate Cathode for Solid Oxide Steam Electrolyzer},
  author={Lizhen Gan and Lingting Ye and Cong Ruan and Shigang Chen and Kui Xie},
  booktitle={Advanced science},
A redox-reversible iron orthovanadate cathode is demonstrated for a solid oxide electrolyser with up to 100% current efficiency for steam electrolysis. The iron catalyst is grown on spinel-type electronic conductor FeV2O4 by in situ tailoring the reversible phase change of FeVO4 to Fe+FeV2O4 in a reducing atmosphere. Promising electrode performances have been obtained for a solid oxide steam electrolyser based on this composite cathode. 

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