Redistribution of nickel and chromium during theα →γ transformation in Cr−Ni stainless steels

  title={Redistribution of nickel and chromium during the$\alpha$ →$\gamma$ transformation in Cr−Ni stainless steels},
  author={L. V. Zaslavskaya and N. F. Lashko and L. N. Belyakov and F. S. Andreeva and E. Kagan},
  journal={Metal Science and Heat Treatment},
Conclusions1.In Cr−Ni martensitic steels with 11% Cr and 9% Ni the α→γ transformation at heating rates below 50 deg/sec is accompanied by redistribution of chromium and nickel between the α and γ phases.2.The austenite formed in the partial α→γ transformation contains more chromium, nickel, and probably more molybdenum than the α phase.3.The enrichment of austenite in chromium, nickel, and other elements in the process of the α→γ transformation in steels of the Kh11N9 type is evidently one… Expand
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