Redistribution of motor proteins by Cytochalasin J treatment

  title={Redistribution of motor proteins by Cytochalasin J treatment},
  author={R. W. Robinson and J. Snyder},
  journal={Cell Biology International},
  • R. W. Robinson, J. Snyder
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell Biology International
  • In this study we extend our analysis of the effect of Cytochalasin J (CJ) on mitotic and interphase cells by the use of immunocytochemical techniques to localize antigens to anti‐β‐tubulin, anti‐dynein heavy chain (HC), anti‐dynein intermediate chain (IC), and anti‐kinesin antibodies following CJ treatment. Anti‐dynein IC and HC staining of CJ treated cells showed a significant reduction in anti‐dynein staining in the nuclear region of interphase cells. Monolayer cultures of PtK1cells treated… CONTINUE READING
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