Rediscovery of the wild pig Sus bucculentus

  title={Rediscovery of the wild pig Sus bucculentus},
  author={Colin P. Groves and George B. Schaller and George D. Amato and Khamkhoun Khounboline},
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Taxonomy: Sus bucculentus revisited

An additional tissue sample from the specimen is analysed and places the sample within the S. scrofa clade, calling into question the species status of S. bucculentus and demonstrating the need for both phylogenetic and morphological evidence in defining species.

Rediscovery of Roosevelt's Barking Deer (Muntiacus rooseveltorum)

Data in this study confirm the validity of a species of muntjac, Muntiacus rooseveltorum, that has been controversial for 60 years, and highlights the importance of continued field surveys in remote regions and the utility of diagnostic DNA characters in identifying species.

The Evolution of Suidae.

The current knowledge of this fascinating group of Cetartiodactyla is reviewed and a comprehensive evolutionary history from the Oligocene to the present day is provided.

A new species of muntjac, Muntiacus putaoensis (Artiodactyla: Cervidae) from northern Myanmar

A new species of barking deer is described from northern Myanmar, contributing significantly to knowledge of this poorly studied group and highlighting the importance of continued field surveys in remote regions.

Interrelationships Between Wild Boars ( Sus scrofa ) and Truffles

Because wild boar can move as much as 15 km in a day, they efficiently contribute to long-distance dispersal of truffle spores and results in wild boars playing a pivotal role in truffle colonization of new habitats.

Revisiting the species status of Pecari maximus van Roosmalen et al., 2007 (Mammalia) from the Brazilian Amazon

Evidence using 91 published and 50 novel DNA sequences mainly from P. tajacu and morphological and ecological data used to claim the species status of P. maximus appears to be deficient and inconclusive, in the light of available literature.

Holocene range collapse of giant muntjacs and pseudo‐endemism in the Annamite large mammal fauna

No support is found for recognizing extinct and living giant muntjacs as distinct taxa, and post-glacial populations from China and the Annamites should probably all be referred to M. gigas, demonstrating that current-day Asian mammalian biogeography has been shaped by an extinction filter.

The phylogenetic species concept and its role in Southeast Asian mammal conservation

The real debate appears to be about the best method to allocate an appropriate taxonomic rank to taxa that is in line with their evolutionary distinctness and thus the need to prevent their extinction.


The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (PKNP) in central Vietnam and the Hin Namno National Biodiversity Conservation Area (NBCA) in central Laos border each other and form part of the largest

Evolutionary history of the genus Sus inferred from cytochrome b sequences.



The saola or spindlehorn bovid Pseudoryx nghetinhensis in Laos

In 1992 the discovery of a new bovid, Pseudoryx nghetinhensis, in Vietnam led to speculation that the species also occurred in adjacent parts of Laos. This paper describes a survey in January 1994,

A new species of living bovid from Vietnam

A new genus and species of a new bovid (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) is described, distinct in appearance, morphology and DNA sequence and cannot be ascribed to any known genus.

Molecular Approaches to Ecology and Evolution

This book discusses the role of molecular genetics in speciation studies, the history of development through the evolution of molecules, and the comparison of morphological and molecular data in phylogenetic systematics.

Anatomie crânienne et relations phylogénétiques du nouveau bovidé (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) découvert dans la cordillère annamitique au Vietnam

L'etude morphologique du crâne et de la denture du nouveau bovide Pseudoryx nghetinhensis decouvert en 1992-1993 sur le versant oriental de la cordilliere annamitique au Vietnam suggere l'existence