Rediscovery of the Testate Amoeba Genus Penardeugenia (Thaumatomonadida, Imbricatea).

  title={Rediscovery of the Testate Amoeba Genus Penardeugenia (Thaumatomonadida, Imbricatea).},
  author={Kenneth Dumack and Ferry J Siemensma and Michael Bonkowski},
  volume={169 1},
The genus Penardeugenia DEFLANDRE 1958 accommodates a single species which was described as Pamphagus bathybioticus PENARD 1904. Although this species seems to be well characterized in its description, it has never been recorded again. Despite its possession of silica scales, it was assigned to the scale-lacking Chlamydophryidae (Thecofilosea, Cercozoa). We here present morphological data of three isolates. One of them was successfully cultured and enabled the amplification of its SSU rDNA… CONTINUE READING
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