Redescription of three South AfricanMonhystera species(Nematoda)

  title={Redescription of three South AfricanMonhystera species(Nematoda)},
  author={Ludo J. Jacobs and Juan Heyns and August Coomans},
  journal={South African Journal of Zoology},
Description of two new monhysterid species (Nematoda: Monhysterida) from sewage in India
Summary.-Two monhysterid species, Monhystera rolandi sp. n. and Geomonhystera glandulata sp. n., obtained from drain (sewage water) in Aligarh, India are described and illustrated. M rolandi sp. n.
Aquatic nematodes from Ethiopia II
Eight species of the genus Monhystrella, six of which are new to science, are described from bottom samples collected from three lakes, two rivers and a hot spring in Ethiopia, with the presence of a hyaline coelomocyte next to the germinal zone of the reproductive system reported for the first time in all eight species.
Aquatic nematodes from Ethiopia I
Freshwater bottom samples collected from Ethiopia during December 1993 and January 1994 yielded six species of the genus Monhystera Bastian, of which four are new to science, each of which can be recognized by a combination of characters.
Checklist of free living nematodes recorded from freshwater habitats in Southern Africa
A checklist is given of about 150 species of aquatic and semi-aquatic free living nematodes recorded from freshwater as well as from mud and wet soil adjoining water bodies, from South Africa,
Position of pharyngeal gland outlets in monhysteridae (nemata).
It is concluded that at least three, and possibly five, nuclei are in the basal part of the pharynx and may well be the basic plan in the Class Chromadorea (including Secernentia as a subclass).