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Redescription of the nematode Procamallanus spiculogubernaculus with notes on related forms.

  title={Redescription of the nematode Procamallanus spiculogubernaculus with notes on related forms.},
  author={N. De and F. Moravec},
Procamallanus spiculogubernaculus Agarwal, 1958 (Nematoda: Camallanidae) from Stinging catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis in India: morphological characterization and molecular data
Molecular phylogenetic analyses supported the validity of Procamallanus spiculogubernaculus and confirmed the paraphyletic status of the members of ProCamallanus, Spirocam allanus, Camallanus and Paracamallanus. Expand
Some nematodes of fishes from central China, with the redescription of Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus)fulvidraconis (Camallanidae).
A systematic survey of nematodes based on helminthological examinations of 176 specimens of freshwater fishes from central China collected during the autumn of 2001, finding the finding of larval Eustrongylides in Paramisgurnus dabryanus represents a new host record. Expand
Deep in the systematics of Camallanidae (Nematoda): using integrative taxonomy to better understand the phylogeny and consistency of diagnostic traits.
This poster presents a probabilistic assessment of the response of the immune system to the presence of E.coli in faeces of swine fluvial tissue. Expand
Studies on some spirurids (Nematoda: Spirurida) from fishes of the Okavango River, Botswana
Three adult spirurid nematode species, Camallanus (Zeylanema) ctenopomae Vassiliadès & Petter, 1972, Paracamallanus cyathopharynx (Baylis, 1923) and Spinitectus polli Campana-Rouget, 1961 (Cystidicolidae), are redescribed from specimens collected in fishes of the Okavango River, Botswana. Expand
Procamallanus (Procamallanus) spp. (Nematoda: Camallanidae) in fishes of the Okavango River, Botswana, including the description of P. (P.) pseudolaeviconchus n. sp. parasitic in Clarias spp. (Clariidae) from Botswana and Egypt
Parasitological dissections of fishes from the Okavango River, Botswana, revealed the presence of nematodes of the subgenus Procam allanus (Procamallanus) Baylis, 1923 in five fish species belonging to three different families, which proved to represent one previously known and one new species. Expand
Camallanus tridentatus (Drasche) (Nematoda: Camallanidae): new taxonomically important morphological data.
The study revealed some taxonomically important, previously unreported morphological features in this species, such as the presence of the poorly sclerotized left spicule and deirids. Expand
Procamallanus pacificus differs markedly from all congeners from fish hosts in possessing a greater number (4–9) of caudal mucrons in the female and by other morphological features, and might become a serious pathogen of cultured eels in the region of the South Pacific. Expand
Some camallanid nematodes from marine perciform fishes off New Caledonia.
Two new, one known and three unidentified species of the nematode family Camallanidae are reported and described from the intestines of marine perciform fishes off the southwestern coast of NewExpand
Checklist of the parasites of fishes of Bangladesh
The parasite fauna of fishes of Bangladesh remains poorly known and the situation is complicated by the large number of reports that are based on apparent misidentifications, the existence of a plethora of poorly described species, and the relatedness of the Bangladeshi fish parasites fauna to that of the larger Indian subregion, which is also poorly known. Expand