Redescription of Thalassodes antithetica Herbulot, 1962, an endemic moth from Inner Seychelles (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae).

  title={Redescription of Thalassodes antithetica Herbulot, 1962, an endemic moth from Inner Seychelles (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae).},
  author={Ivan N. Bolotov and Pat Matyot and Maik Bippus and Vitaly M. Spitsyn and Yulia S. Kolosova and Alexander V. Kondakov},
  volume={4139 1},
The Seychelles archipelago is characterized by an exceptionally high level of endemism in certain taxa, including at least 275 endemic species of Lepidoptera (Legrand 1966; Gerlach & Matyot 2006; De Prins & De Prins 2015). Despite the fact that endemics are the main objects of conservation efforts, information regarding endemic Seychelles Lepidoptera is very poor, because the majority of them are known from a single or a few specimens (Legrand 1966; Gerlach and Matyot 2006; Bolotov et al. 2014… 

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The male of Sauris mouliniei (Legrand, 1971) comb. n. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae: Trichopterygini), an endemic Inner Seychelles moth.
The history of lepidopteran studies of the Inner Seychelles is about one hundred years old, and the data have been summarized recently in a comprehensive monograph, which revealed six species of Larentiinae with two endemics, including Episteira mouliniei Legrand, 1971, a unique Trichopterygini for these islands.
The Lepidoptera of Cousine Island , Seychelles
An overview of all Macro-lepidoptera collected on Cousine Island between 5 June 2002 and 30 April 2003 is presented, with a total of 18 species discussed in terms of their distributions within and outside Seychelles.
New and recent records of moth and butterfly species (Insecta: Lepidoptera) from Praslin and Mahé Islands, Seychelles
It is highlighted that there is some evidence of faunal exchange between the two largest islands of the granitic Seychelles and that the lepidopteran fauna of Praslin has been largely underestimated.
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