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Redescription of Aphaenogaster muschtaidica Emery, 1908 with a key to gibbosa species group

  title={Redescription of Aphaenogaster muschtaidica Emery, 1908 with a key to gibbosa species group},
  author={Sebastian Salata and Lech Borowiec},
  journal={Asian Myrmecology},
Aphaenogaster muschtaidica Emery, 1908 n. st. is redescribed based on new material collected from Georgia. A neotype of this species is designated. Its sexual forms are described for the first time. Features defining members of A. gibbosa group are redefined and a status of Aphaenogaster subterranea fiorii Emery, 1915 n. comb. is recombined. A key to worker caste of species belonging to gibbosa group is given. 

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