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Redescription Of Helmetophorus rankini Hartman, 1978 (Polychaeta, Helmetophoridae) And Its Transfer To The Flabelligeridae

  title={Redescription Of Helmetophorus rankini Hartman, 1978 (Polychaeta, Helmetophoridae) And Its Transfer To The Flabelligeridae},
  author={Christopher J. Glasby and Kristian Fauchald},
•The only representative of the Helmetophoridae, Helmetophorus rankini Hartman, 1978, is redescribed and transferred to the Flabelligeridae. The species shares in common with the Flabelligeridae a papillated body surface, a buccal region with branchiae and grooved palps that is covered (partially) by a cephalic hood, weakly developed parapodia, and cross-barred capillaries. The Helmetophoridae is currently represented by a single species, Helmetophorus rankini Hartman, 1978, collected from the… 

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