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Redes Sociais na Internet, Difusão de Informação e Jornalismo: Elementos para discussão

  title={Redes Sociais na Internet, Difus{\~a}o de Informaç{\~a}o e Jornalismo: Elementos para discuss{\~a}o},
  author={Raquel Da Cunha Recuero},
This paper analyzes the attributes that influence tourists to share travel experiences in virtual social networks, from the perceptions of visitors to the 32nd Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Brazil. The
A interação usuário x jornal em um site de rede social: indícios de uma mudança
O presente artigo visa estabelecer uma discussao acerca da relacao entre usuario x jornal no ciberespaco ou, mais especificamente, na ferramenta de Comunicacao Mediada por Computador (CMC), o site de
There was the manual collection of a news report published by FSP on Facebook and of the 207 comments that followed and the analysis and systematization of data served to consolidate the intended debate and the social changes that shift the journalism position as the organizer of human experience.
Hábitos imagéticos dos jovens: o auge dos stories e a inexpressividade das narrativas em 360 graus
Contempla-se uma geração imagética, que tem no mundo on-line o principal suporte para a condução de suas práticas interacionais permeadas por visualidades. Protagonistas desse cenário midiático, os
“What Game are We Playing?”: the Psychosocial Context of Problem Gambling and Gaming Among Italian High School Students
Gambling and gaming are not infrequent among adolescents and preventing low-risk youth from becoming at-risk appears to be a priority of public health strategies. Greater scrutiny of the risk and
WhatsApp é o novo “queridinho” da Comunicação Mercadológica ou é da Comunicação Organizacional?
A forma de se comunicar sofreu varias transformacoes significativas no final do seculo XX e no XXI. As redes sociais, tao presentes hoje, sao formas de interacao social usadas ha mais de dois mil
SOCIAL MEDIA AT THE PUBLIC UNIVERSITY: A Case Study at the Federal University of Amapá
The advent of the internet has enabled changes in the way people communicate. The current reseach endeavours to analyse the organizational communication process, through social media, at the Academic
Sentiment analysis of Twitter data about blockchain technology
This paper aims to use the sentiment analysis technique, which consists of text analysis processes and natural language processing, to verify the polarity of opinions collected from the Twitter social network about Blockchain technology.
Twitter as a News Source in Data Journalism
This paper discusses the use of Twitter as a news source, especially in data journalism. This practice uses public databases as sources for its investigations, but has now started to make use of less


Social Capital: A Theory of Social Structure and Action
Part I. Theory and Research: 1. Theories of capital: the historical foundation 2. Social capital: capital captured through social relations 3. Resources, hierarchy, networks, and homophily: the
Foundations of Social Theory
Suggests a new approach to describing both stability and change in social systems by linking the behavior of individuals to organizational behavior.
Em busca das “redes que importam”: redes sociais e capital social no Twitter
Este trabalho explora os tipos de capital social apropriados pelos usuarios brasileiros no Twitter e sua influencia nas redes sociais percebidas no sistema, a partir de tres conjuntos de dados – a
Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production
Overall, this book charts the current state of play in the area of online gatewatching, open news, and participatory journalism, and provides the tools to analyse and classify the various forms of online publishing in this field.
Forms of Capital
The text is devoted to the cultural capital (and its three main states: incorporation, objectification, institutionalization) and social capital. The author analyzes the issues of transfer and
In spite of different definitions of social capital, there is a high level of compliance that social capital, unlike other concepts related to socio-economic development, is unique because it is
Investment and Attention in the Weblog Community
  • Cameron A. Marlow
  • Computer Science
    AAAI Spring Symposium: Computational Approaches to Analyzing Weblogs
  • 2006
Using a large corpus of weblogs collected over a one-month period, an analysis of the structural properties of the weblog readership network is presented and suggests that the largest contributing factor to weblog audience size is the amount that an author invests into the practice.
The Benefits of Facebook "Friends: " Social Capital and College Students' Use of Online Social Network Sites
Facebook usage was found to interact with measures of psychological well-being, suggesting that it might provide greater benefits for users experiencing low self-esteem and low life satisfaction.
Why we twitter: understanding microblogging usage and communities
It is found that people use microblogging to talk about their daily activities and to seek or share information and the user intentions associated at a community level are analyzed to show how users with similar intentions connect with each other.
Social network sites: definition, history, and scholarship
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